Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oven Fried Catfish

I found this Southern Living Recipe for Oven Fried Catfish on Pinterest.  I fully admit that I don't
actually try some of the recipes I pin.  I have good intentions...well, let's just say, I'm working on trying those that I pin.  So, when I found this one, I decided to give it a try.  It looked great, and easy, and, really, I wanted to see how it would turn out.
For the original recipe, click here.

oven fried catfishI did change it up a little.  First, I only used about half of the creole seasoning recommended. I added a little salt and pepper, as well.  I also mixed it in with the cornflakes instead of coating the fish in it.  Also, I only used two catfish filets.  Two gigantic catfish filets. 

Prep was very easy.  I put the cornflakes in a large Ziploc bag and let my 4 year old crush them.  He was thrilled! 

As luck would have it, we were out of tartar sauce, so I made up a little last minute using a little mayo, a little mustard, some lemon juice and a couple of spoonfuls of capers.

Do you use Pinterest?  Do you try all the recipes you pin?  What are your favorites?

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Free Printable Grocery List Template and Menu Plan Monday

Is it time to menu plan already?  I generally menu plan right before I go to the grocery store, so I have a printable grocery list template for you.

Grocery List Printable
I know, you can make a list on anything, but I'm more likely to actually make a list if I have a pretty one to use. So, to download the free printable, just click here.  For last week's menu planning printable, click here.

On to the menu planning!   I'm linking up to Menu Plan Monday over on I Am an Organizing Junkie


Pork chops
Peas and mushrooms


Veggie Ham Fritters (I know, I was going to have them last week, but we didn't and I still have all the ingredients).
green beans


Stuffed pepper filling over rice (my kids will not eat the pepper part, so I don't bother)

Thursday & Friday                              

I will be out of town, so the Man from Montreal is in charge.  I'm always interested to see what he has cooked up when I return.  It's usually delicious, and maybe, just maybe, I can get him to post here next week! :)
What's on your menu this week?
ps--in last week's menu plan, I told you I was going to try Oven Fried Catfish.  I did, and it rocked!  Come back Wednesday for my review, and the link to this awesome recipe.  (I did just call it awesome.  I get to do that since I didn't make the recipe up. :)  )

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites 3.28.2014

It's Friday!   In case you missed it this week, I posted a new, free, menu planning template here, and blogged about 5 Tips for (less stressful) Weeknight Dinners!

Now, it is my favorite time of  the week!  Time to share some bloggy love!  Once again, I've come across so many great blogs, I couldn't possibly tell you about all of them in one post.  So, here are some of my favorites from this week:

I'm a freak about organizing (ask me about my shoe boxes--I might have a problem), and we all know I love a good free printable, so I'm loving the Family Binder over on Such a Mom.

I'm loving Edible Pixie Dust over on Jade Louise Designs.  So fun for a fairy-themed birthday party!

Huckleberry Love.  I think the whole site is fabulous! 

If you are into d├ęcor, you have got to see The Naked Decorator.  If it is possible to drool over photos of home interiors, well, I'm there.

Finally, a great sweet treat--Milky Way Bars Brownie Bites over on Buttercream Bakehouse!   Yum!

What are your favorites this week? 

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blueberry Pear Crisp

Last week, I decided to wing it and make Blueberry Pear Crisp without any sort of guide, and it turned out great!  So great, it was all gone that night.  Every. Last. Bite. 

Blueberry Pear Crisp

3 sliced Bartlett pears
1 pint blueberries
2/3 cup brown sugar
1 cup uncooked oatmeal--not instant
1/2 cup butter melted (split--1/2 over fruit, 1/2 in mixture)


1.  Preheat Oven to 425 degrees F.
2.  Place the sliced pears and the blueberries in an 8 x 8 baking dish.
3.  Pour 1/2 cup melted butter over fruit
4.  Mix oatmeal, brown sugar, and remaining melted butter
5.  Top fruit with Oatmeal, brown sugar, & butter mixture
6.  Bake 425 until desired tenderness (mine took about 35 minutes for the not terribly ripe pears to get tender)
Do you have any quick and easy go-to desserts that your family loves?  What are your favorites?
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Five Tips for (Less Stressful) Weeknight Dinners (without a single take out order on the list)

If your family is like ours, you could use some tips for an easier dinner time.  Either you have little ones who have decided that the hours between 4.30pm and 6.30pm are what we fondly call witching hour, or you work and have to rush to get dinner on the table, or you have tons of activities that start in the late afternoon (Hello, soccer practice, church activities, tae kwon do), have all of the above!

So, here are some of the things that I have found help out in our house.  They are probably things we've all thought about and/or done, but I know that sometimes I need a bullet pointed list to remind me...

1. Plan. plan. plan.  Really, 15 minutes planning meals for the week will save you a lot of time, energy and frustration later--not to mention time, money, and nutrition on takeout.  We've got a fun free menu planning printable here.
2. Sneak veggies into your main dish to make it a complete meal, without any fussing about not wanting to eat vegetables.  These veggie cubes will save you a lot of time. 
3. When you do cook, cook enough for one or two meals and put extra in the freezer.  Nothing beats real food you can heat up quickly.
4. Breakfast for dinner.  We usually have breakfast for dinner one night a week.  Lately, it's been on soccer nights.  My kids think I'm a hero on breakfast for dinner night.   We love French Toast, Sausage, Egg and Cheese Casserole (shhh--don't tell my kids I pack it with veggies), scrambled eggs, and these awesome Pancakes!
5. Have a Left-Over Rodeo.  (yes, we do name almost everything in our house--it gets my son to eat).  Pull out all those leftovers that, individually, aren't enough to make one meal.  Heat them up, put them on the table, and declare it first come, first served.  If they want a favorite, they will show up first.  
What are your tricks for making dinner time easier?

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